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About Earthly

Hi, I’m Rochelle. I’m a wife, mama, and the founder of Earthly.


When I had my son, 5 years ago, it was incredibly hard to find anything disposable that met our standards and values. We ended up using cloth diapers and wipes, which I loved during that phase of life!

During that time, I was also studying and blogging about natural living over at The Non Tox Shop. Through that work, I gathered questions and insight from my readers and soon realized that finding a truly pure (and earth-friendly) disposable wipe was quite a task.

Adding a second baby, and a whole lot of business travel, made using cloth more difficult to keep up with; and I began digging further into my disposable wipes options, only to mirror the experience my readers were having. Although new wipes have been popping up on the market, there’s nothing that quite meets the level of purity we were all searching for.

 So, with all of the natural mamas and papas in mind, I set out to make my own!

 Over 2.5 years later and I’m so happy to share my “Not Yet Wet Wipes” with you. Every part of this process has been hand-selected, from the cotton farm to the manufacturers. The materials are chosen specifically for their purity, earth-friendliness, and effectiveness. And all of the people working on these wipes are doing so because they share the values of the company.

 I feel so lucky to be able to share and grow Earthly with you! ❤️

Not Yet Wet Wipes

Most disposable wipes are made of plastic and soaked in synthetics. That’s why we created 100% cotton Not Yet Wet Wipes™; the purest, most sustainable wipe we could dream up. Now you can enjoy the freedom of a truly gentle disposable wipe while honoring your values.

The purest wipes for you and the planet.