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Extra Wipes Bag


Want to use your wipes in more places? Grabbing an Extra Wipes Bag will help you do just that! The bag alone is great on the go.

This purchase includes:

  • One extra wipes bag

Learn more about Not Yet Wet Wipes.
Get tips for using your wipes.

Surprise! This bag ships for freeeee!

Not Yet Wet Wipes are 100% cotton, thick, absorbent, textured dry wipes. They come in refill rolls of 30 wipes and are made to be used in one of our two reusable packaging options (both included).

Because they are “Not Yet Wet”, you choose exactly what to wet them with, so you know exactly which ingredients are touching your skin. It also means that you can use them for anything you’d like!

Quick Facts:

  • 30 wipes per roll
  • 8×9 in size
  • Compostable
  • Reusable Packaging
  • Vesatile

Bag: 100% cotton


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